Peking University/Pfizer Pharmacometrics Education Center (PMxEC)

Pharmacometrics is a new discipline based on traditional pharmacokinetics. It includes Population Pharmacokinetics (PopPK), as well as Pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) modeling and simulation. It has become a mainstream in pharmacokinetic research in the developed countries. The application of pharmacometrics can be summarized as two aspects: New drug research and development (R&D), and rationalizing clinical uses of drugs.

Nowadays, the pharmacometrics research in China is still in its infancy. However, with increased focus to international drug research standards and popularization of knowledge, pharmacometrics in China will get a significant development in the near future. Based on the development prospects of pharmacometrics, pharmaceutical companies and research institutions at home and abroad have greater needs in relevant talents. Facing to these needs, Peking University/Pfizer Pharmacometrics Education Center was established on March 4th 2008, a multi-year collaboration between Peking University’s Health Science Center (PUHSC) and Pfizer (China), to promote the education of talented Chinese scientists in pharmacometrics, which is a critically important technical area in drug research and development. This collaboration is intended to increase the number of qualified Chinese graduate students being trained in the discipline as well as the number of trained faculties in the field. Currently, 7 Ph.D. students and 1 post-doctor fellow have been supported by Pfizer Scholarship for PMxEC. Pharmacometrics is an applied science, and Pfizer provides students access to real life data sets to help them develop and apply their modeling and simulation skills. Pfizer experts also provide seminars and advice to students and faculties in this program.

The Education Center has a close connection with school’s teaching and researching programs, and offers complete curriculum, with structured instruction of pharmacometrics, including population pharmacokinetics, pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD), non-linear pharmacokinetics, physiologically based pharmacokinetics, and modeling & simulation in drug development. Beside the theories, students here have full opportunities to use the mainstream software like NONMEM for modeling and simulating of the real life data sets. Our Center has taken on several national projects and is the lead unit of the drug metabolism sub-platform in one of the 11th National Five-Year Project-Comprehensive Platform of Novel Drug Development. Our research interests are on the theory and methodology of clinical pharmacology and new drug evaluation. Population pharmacokinetics and pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics are the main fields, including in vivo and in vitro PK/PD modeling, response surface model for drug-drug interaction, database for TDM, and so on.

2008年3月北京大学/辉瑞定量药理学培训中心成立仪式Establishment ceremony of Peking University/Pfizer Pharmacometrics Education Center in March 2008